There would be many people who are unable to use the paid products of any interests because everyone love to use the free product, if you are one of them then this site is for you It is absolutely perfect because here we give everything for free and today we are going to share the Prime Video Mod apk with you all here.

If you were looking for this video mod apk, then you have come to the right place, here you will get the direct download link of this app, from which you can download this app in one click

We also shared Free Netflix Accounts And Latest Pandora One Premium Mod Apk so you can enjoy Netflix Premium Free forever without paying any penny.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK let you watch every content of it for free, the download link is given below

you can download it by clicking it and if you want to download any other version of it. So you can also do that if the link does not work, then you can report to us in the comment box below.

What Is Amazon Prime Video Mod APK

Amazon Prime Video is also an on-demand video streaming service similar to Netflix, which On-Demand provides movies shows and more to all its users. Prime Video is an integral part of Amazon, and Amazon founders founded it.

Amazon launched it for the first time in the US On September 9, 2008. but today, it is available in almost all countries. Earlier Amazon Prime Video was named Amazon Instant Video on Demand, but later it was changed to Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is subscription-based like Netflix, if you want to use Amazon Prime Video, then you have to subscribe to its monthly subscription.

After that, you will be able to use it, but in today’s time, everyone wants it for free. Many developers have made a mod version of every app.’ With which you can see everything for free, you do not need to pay any hidden cost.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK will give you access to all premium available products in the subscription of Prime Video, you will not have to log in to use this app, you have to download the app and then install this app. After that, it will be easier to enjoy Amazon Prime Video for free.

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Now you must have understood that what is Amazon Prime Video Mod APK, if you still do not understand, then you can check the Wikipedia link given below, you can read more about Amazon Prime Video Mod APK from there.

Download Amazon Prime Video

did you start searching for Prime Video Mod APK? Then we’re here for you can download Pri me Video Mod APK from here, you have to go to link given below to download, after that your download will start automatically after that you can enjoy watching Prime Video Mod APK. Get Hourly Updated Netflix Cookies

Prime video mod apk
App NameAmazon Prime Video MOD APK
Size28.7 Mb
Version30.65.7.02 [Latest]
Last Update23 April 2020
CategoryVideo Streaming
Offerd ByAmazon LLC

Download Prime Video Mod APK

By clicking on the link above, you should not able to download this app now or else after downloading many users, this app does not work, then you can download all these apps now and enjoy. Here are some of its features

Prime Video Mod APK Features

Now before downloading this app, many people gonna ask us what the feature of this app, don’t panic. Here are some of the premium feature of Prime Video Mod APK, that will clear all your confusion.


Prime Video MOD APK

In Prime Video MOD APK you can easily download your favourite video, but it will remain in Amazon storage center  for a limited time. Amazon storage center only stores the downloaded file for 30 days, if you think download that once and you are free not you are wrong, you should watch it in 30 days. Otherwise, your file will be deleted.


Prime Video MOD APK

Now Amazon Prime is the competitor of Netflix, so obviously it is like that the feature will also be in the prime video, just the name can be different, you can share your account in the prime video as well. this screen can be sharable upto 4 screens.

Parental Controls

Prime Video MOD APK

With the help of Parental Controls, you can lock your screen. If you are an adult and a little child watched your account, then he cannot access your screen unless he got your Parental Controls code.


Prime Video MOD APK

You have the option of many captions in the prime video, you can also turn it off and on. If you want to do the voice in Hindi and caption in English, you can do that very easily. And you can also turn off captions

Auto Play

Prime Video MOD APK

This is one of the best features of Prime Video, any video in Prime Video starts playing auto when you turn off the Prime Video and when you reopen it, there is no need to choose your timer. Prime video resumes from the same video.

How To Download And Install Prime Video MOD APK

Hopefully, you will have downloaded this app easily, if not then don’t worry If you are still having trouble downloading and installing this prime video, then we have shared the full procedure below, you can easily download and install Amazon Prime Video with the help of it.

First, you click here to download this app, then you click on the downloaded file.
when you click on the file, it will ask for you permission to install the app, you go to the settings and tick the unknown source.

 Prime Video MOD APK Download

then you have to click on the option of install, after a while your app will start installing, it may take some time, it depends upon how your phone it is, if your phone having good RAM then it will be installed immediately.

 Prime Video MOD APK Download

after installing, you will have the option of open in front of you, click on it and congratulations Now you have got the premium mod apk for free.

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Faq – People Also Ask

When we were uploading this app, many people asked us a lot of questions about this app, so if you have any questions, then you can ask us by mail or on our Telegram channel and if you answer your question If you find it, please comment below and tell.

Is the PrimeVideo Mod APK illegal?

Yes! Prime Video Mod APK is an illegal because amazon  Prime Video does not provide it, but rather a 3rd party developer made it, that’s why amazon Prime video mod apk is illegal

How do you get Amazon Prime for free?

You can download the free modded version of amazon Prime Video and use it for free, or also you can take the one-month free trial and use it for one month for free by using your card.

Is it safe to use the PrimeVideo Mod APK App?

If you download from a trusted website, then the app is safe, but if you are downloading from any fake site, then it is not safe, it can also hack your phone, so always download it from the trusted site.

Are you able to download the PrimeVideo Mod APK on an iOS device?

Of course, you can install Prime Video apk in your ios as well, but it will not work in all ios phones because the developer has made it only for Android, so we would recommend that you do not download it on ios, it will be not right for a ios user, but if you want to try once than download and try now.

Final Words

Today we shared Amazon Prime Video Mod APK with all of you. Now, most of the user got Amazon Prime Video Mod APK if you have downloaded from now you will not have to take any subscription to access Prime Video for free.

You can use this app for a lifetime, and you will not face any problem while doing it. If all of you face any problem, then you can comment us by commenting in the comment box below, and we will update it after that, now you must share this post with all your friends so that they also get this information. So they can also take advantage of prime video for free of cost.

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