Amazon Quiz Answers Today 14 April 2020 [Win Amazon Alexa Eco Show]

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 14 April 2020 [Win Amazon Alexa Eco Show]

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Today’s Amazon Questionnaire Details

Today’s amazon contest prize Amazon Alexa Eco Show
Moment 8.00 a. M. – 12.00 p. M.
Test date April 14, 2020
Winner declaration date June 30, 2020
Telegram channel Join now!

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers – April 14, 2020

Amazon Quiz Answers

Below, I had answered the questionnaire on April 14, 2020. I will update this post at 8.02am every day, so it is always recommended bookmark this page to get all the answers first.

Q1. ‘Operation Namaste’ is the initiative of what Indian armed force to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country?

Answer: Indian army

Q2. Vidya Balan will play the title role in an upcoming biopic based on what mathematician.

Answer: Shakuntala Devi

Q3. Who of the following has developed an inexpensive portable ventilator called ‘Prana-Vayu’?

Answer: IIT Roorkee

Q4. Tony Lewis, who passed away recently, was he the co-inventor of what was used to solve cricket matches affected by weather?

Answer: Duckworth-Lewis method

Q5. Which of these tennis tournaments was canceled for the first time since WWII?

Answer: Wimbledon

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Previous Amazon Quiz Questions and Answers

Below, I’ve listed the questions and answers from the quiz show above. If you want to increase your general knowledge, this question and your answers will definitely help you.

Amazon One Plus 7T Pro Questionnaire Response – April 12, 2020

Q1. Dubai has recently opened the world’s first hospital for which of the following?

Answer: Camels

Q2. What is the name of the first indigenous test kit for COVID-19 in India, manufactured by Mylab based in Pune?

Answer: Pathodetect

Q3. The Singer Laren museum in Amsterdam recently announced the theft of the 1884 painting ‘Spring Garden’, by which famous artist?

Answer: Van gogh

Q4. Viewpoint is a new market research application launched by what global tech giant?

Answer: Facebook

Q5. Which Indian state celebrates ‘Utkal Divas’, the day of the founding of the state on April 1?

Answer: Odisha

Amazon Dell Inspiron 5593 Laptop Questionnaire Response – April 4, 2020

Q1. On April 1, 2019, the Dutch wing of which company announced that it had developed a product that allows a user to ‘talk to a tulip?

Answer: Google

Q2. Which former Vice President, born on April 1, was the Permanent Representative of India to the UN between January 1993 and January 1995?

Answer: Mohammad Hamid Ansari

Q3. Which former India international was the head coach of the Bengal team that reached the 2020 Ranji trophy final?

Answer: Arun Lal

Q4. Which famous comedian born on April 2 first rose to fame after winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007?

Answer: Kapil sharma

Q5. On March 24, Google released a doodle celebrating Banh Mi, a street food sandwich from which country?

Answer: Vietnam

Firefox Mountain Cycle Quiz Answers – April 3, 2020

Q1. Using the new ‘Crew Dragon’ spacecraft, which organization announced plans to send 3 tourists to the International Space Station in 2021?

Answer: Spacex

Q2. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently published a book entitled ‘Invincible’ about which former Indian minister?

Answer: Manohar Parrikar

Q3. Ignaz Semmelweis, a 19th century obstetrician, is now widely recognized for discovering the medical significance of which of the following?

Answer: Handwashing

Q4. Shaheed Diwas is observed on March 23 to honor the day Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar and ________ achieved martyrdom. (Fill in the blank)

Answer: Bhagat singh

Q5. Which of these upcoming movies starring Akshay Kumar is a remake of the famous Tamil horror movie Kanchana?

Answer: Laxmmi pump

Amazon Payment Balance Questionnaire Response ₹ 20,000 – April 2, 2020

Q1. What does CET mean, the new exam for various government positions proposed by the government of India?

Answer: Common eligibility test

Q2. Which of these days does ITI, a world organization for the performing arts, celebrate on March 27?

Answer: World theater day

Q3. Swavalamban Express is a special train ride launched by SIDBI for what group of people?

Answer: Entrepreneurs

Q4. Daniel, an 18-year-old who made his debut for AC Milan on February 2, 2020, is he the son of which AC Milan legend?

Answer: Paolo maldini

Q5. Who of these retired from Microsoft’s board of directors in the second week of March 2020?

Answer: Bill gates

Amazon Canon 1500D Questionnaire Answers – March 31, 2020

Q1. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose centenary of birth was celebrated in March 2020, was the founding president of which country?

Answer: Bangladesh

Q2. Which Indian badminton player recently won the BBC India “Sports Woman of the Year” award?

Answer: PV Sindhu

Q3. Which of these Bollywood actors has the lead role in the Govinda Coolie No. 1 hit remake?

Answer: Varun Dhawan

Q4. On March 23, the WMO came into force, and an id thud day was held to draw attention to the weather and climate. Expand the WMO.

Answer: World Meteorological Organization

Q5. Which city had to withdraw from hosting the Olympics in 1908, after a nearby volcano erupted?

Answer: Rome

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