Dragon City Mod Apk v12.0.3 (Unlimited Everything) Download 2021

Are you a lover of dragons and want to create your virtual world with them? Then this Dragon City Mod Apk 2021 it’s just for you.

Now, create your dragon city, feed your dragon to make them more powerful and fight with other dragon masters.

Dragon City is a virtual strategy game in which you can build your dragon city. You get a baby dragon, and you have to feed that baby dragon, train him to transform into a great powerful monster. Later, you can fight with other dragon masters over 80 million to expand your dragon city.

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But, as we know, to feed and raise the dragon, we need food and gold. Also, to save any dragon from the cage, we need hard-to-win gems and we have to wait so long.

With this Dragon City Mod Apk, you can get all of these resources for free. You will get unlimited gems, unlimited food, and unlimited gold.

Read on and I’ll tell you how to use this Dragon City cheat effectively.

What is Dragon City? Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk is a modified (hacked) version of the official Dragon City game where you get unlimited resources that can be used to feed, breed and train your dragon.

The City of Dragons

With this mod apk, you can unlock any caged dragon, check your dragon an unlimited number of times, grow unlimited food and much more.

  • Give your dragons unlimited food
  • Unlock all the dragons in the first level.
  • Review dragon unlimited times
  • Max any dragon level
  • Expand your dragon city effectively
  • Unlock greenhouse for free
  • Open any ancient portal easily

Grow unlimited food and feed your dragon to make it even more robust.

Use unlimited gold to beautify your dragon city, use unlimited gems to speed up the egg hatching process, give your newborn dragon a name, with Dragon City mod Apk 2021, you can do all of this without any limitation. Also, you can unlock the most powerful obsidian dragons and wildfire dragon.

Features of Dragon City Mod

As I already said, these Dragon City cheats are packed with awesome features that will enhance your battle with other dragon masters.

If you are still confused about using Dragon City Mod apk, then the features below will definitely help you make up your mind.

Unlimited gold

Unlimited gold

This is the most important feature of this Dragon City Mod Apk, where you will get unlimited gold. You can use this gold to buy various resources from the shop.

As we know, golds play an important role in building a perfect Dragon City. To add habitats in cities like Terra Habitat, Flame Habitat, Marine Habitat, and many others, we need gold. There are various dragons like Sea Dragon, Nature Dragon and many others, which can be unlocked using gold.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems

Like gold, gems are also important in this game. It can be used to check your dragon between battle, to add a building in Dragon City, and also to unlock some magic dragon.

Also, some caged dragons can be set free using only gems. You will find these caged dragons everywhere. Use unlimited gems to unlock and breed them to make a more powerful dragon.

With this dragon city mod apk Unlimited gems, you can get the egg of various kinds of dragons like Jelly dragon, Volcano dragon and many others. Later, you can hatch these eggs to complete your dragon collection.

Hundreds of dragons

Legendary Dragon Unlocked

There are more than 80 million dragon masters in the Dragon City game. You have to fight with them and defeat them to get a new dragon.

One of the things I liked the most about this Dragon City mod is that you get all 100 types of dragons, which can be used according to the battle situation. Sometimes a dragon can contains more than one item, which becomes the best option if you are fighting high-profile players.

Some types of dragons are rock, fire, jungle, thunder, and air. Also, you can breed two different types of dragons to get a more powerful dragon, which will contain powers and the ability of both.

PvP combat battle

pvp battle

PvP battle stands for Player vs. Player battle. As I said earlier, there are more than 80 million players who play Dragon City regularly. If you want to become the best dragon master among them, you will have to fight with other players with your most powerful dragon.

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If you installed this Dragon City Mod Apk game for the first time, you might get confused about attack and defense.

Fighting with other players is very easy until, and unless you choose, a powerful dragon that can take any type of attack. Also, you can attack your opponent by selecting the attack from the given options. But keep in mind that if this is your first time in a battle, never challenge any player who has experience in PvP battle.

All unlimited

All unlimited

This is another great and most loved feature of this Dragon City mod. Dragon City game becomes more difficult as your experience and level increases. Also, various things can be opened after certain levels.

Yes, you can increase your level by fighting and expanding your dragon city. But the main problem is that you need a lot of gems, food, orbs and orbs.

So in this Dragon City Unlimited Everything mod, you will get unlimited resources like food, gold, orbs and gems.

Some more features

Below are a few more features that you might love.

  • Unlock any dragon
  • Get unlimited food
  • Speed ​​up any task using unlimited gems
  • Win all PvP battles
  • Empower your dragons
  • Unlock new arenas

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How to download and install Dragon City Mod Apk

So finally, you had decided to download this mod apk. Downloading and installing any thinkkers mod app is a very simple task. Anyone with little knowledge of Android installation can install this apk.

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Here’s a quick tutorial so you can easily download it. dragon city mod apk 2021.

Step 1: First, click the “Go to download page” button above. After that, you will be redirected to the download page.

Step 2: Get your file by clicking the ‘Start Download’ button. In a few seconds, the download will begin. If you have a problem finding the button, you can follow the screenshot below.

Download dragon city mod

Step 3: After downloading a file, it’s time to install it on our Android. For that, open your file manager and click on the DragonCityMod.zip file.

  • After downloading the Zip file, extract it using any ZIP extractor like Zarchiver or ES File Explorer.
  • Now, you will get two apk files i.e Dragon City (first installation) and Dragon City (second installation).
  • Install Dragon City (First Installation) and open it. After opening the app, it will ask for permission to “draw over other apps”. Allow all necessary permissions and open your game.
  • If the game got stuck on Storage Permission, then install it (Second install) and open it. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 4: If you are installing an application from the file manager for the first time, you may see some permission warning messages. Just click on the settings and turn on the Allow from this source option.

  • This is an optional step. If you didn’t find any warning like this, skip this step and install the file directly.

Step 5: Now, click Back and try to install the game again. This time, it will install without any error.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed version of Dragon City. Otherwise, you may face “Installation failed” error.

Dragon City gameplay

People also ask (frequently asked questions)

I know you have thousands of questions in your head. Below, I tried to answer some common questions our visitors asked us. If you think I did not solve your queries, please comment. I would love to solve all your problems related to Dragon City mod apk.

Is it safe to use Dragon City Mod Apk?

Yes, this mod is 100% safe to use. Any mod app I share about Thinkers is first checked for performance, safety, and optimization. If an app fails a test, we never share it with thinkers.

If you want more Android security, I suggest you try this premium antivirus, which will scan your Android device regularly.

Why do I need to feed the dragons?

As we know, when we first start our game, we get a cute baby dragon, which is the first phase of a dragon. At this stage your dragon is weak and of course you won’t win any battles if your opponent has a higher level dragon.

We need to feed the dragons to increase their power, level and transform them into a powerful monster. As your dragon increases in power, it needs more fruits to feed it.

How can I create a legendary dragon?

You can create your own legendary dragon eighter by unlocking it in the store or through the breeding process. If you are unlocking the dragon from the store, you may have to spend a lot of gems.

In the breading process, you must choose two powerful dragons of different category and breed them. The new dragon will contain the ability of both mighty dragons. You may have to wait two days and 6 hours for your Legendary Dragon Egg to hatch.

Any tips for the beginner to get more diamonds and gems?

If you are a beginner and do not know how to get gold and gems quickly, you can follow the tips below.

  • Build habitats – This is the best way to get free gold and experience just by spending 200 gold.
  • Race – Yes, you will get gems and gold when you reproduce two dragons.
  • Complete daily goals – You get new daily goals. You should have to complete them all to get more gems and coins.
  • Battle with other players – PvP battle is the best way to get gold and gems. Also, if you win a battle, you will get a dragon that you can use to complete the dragon collection of 100.

What version is this?

I had shared the latest version of Dragon City mod apk, which is v12.0.3, just like the Play Store version. If you want to get regular updates, I suggest you bookmark this page so that every time we update this mod, you receive a notification.

Wrapping it up

So that’s it, guys. Hope you have the latest version of dragon city mod apk 2021. Now, build your virtual dragon city and win all the battles with this amazing dragon city mod.

If you like our mod today, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any problems, please comment. I would love to solve all your queries. 😉

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