Minecraft PE Mod Apk v1.16.221.01 [One Hit Kill, Unlocked] 2021

Are you looking for some way to get unlimited Minecoins with which you can unlock the Minecraft game premium pack? If so, you will definitely love it. Minecraft Mod Apk 2021.

Now you can break billions of blocks and join the fun game community.

Minecraft mod apk
Name Minecraft PE Mod Apk
Size 124 MB
Offered by Mojang
Price Free
Modification characteristics Unlimited Minecoins
Unlocked skins
Updated in May 10, 2021
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Minecraft is the most popular game to build and explore the infinite world with unlimited resources. In this game, you have to mine deep to collect all the hidden resources to survive. Minecraft is all about breaking down the crafting blocks and discovering the latest creations from the community.

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Weapon and armor crafting plays an important role in the game to defend against dangerous mobs. But as we know this is a paid game and we have to pay money to join the fun community and create a new world. I know, it can be disgusting to most people and lovers of craft games.

To overcome this problem, today I am going to share Minecraft Mod Apk 2021 with unlimited resources. Read on and I’ll walk you through how to effectively use premium packs and become the god of the game.

What is Minecraft Mod Apk

Minecraft Mod Apk is a modified (hacked) version of the official Minecraft game. With this mod apk, you can enjoy all premium packs like unique maps, skins, high quality texture packs, unlimited skins and many others for free.

  • Get unlimited Minecoins
  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Kill with a single hit with weapons
  • Maximum inventory size
  • Indestructible tools
  • No damage
  • Play multiplayer arena in real time

Minecraft is an adventure sandbox game with the expanding market and slash commands. The game is all about mining and build whatever you want to expand your world as
the simplest of houses and the greatest of castles.

In each step of the game, you must keep in mind Deep who helps you survive in the fun community.

You have to kill the zombies with the premium weapons to get the highest score and get the rewards. With plenty of premium textures and a real-time multiplayer arena, you’ll get a next-level adventurous crafting experience.

Features of Minecraft Mod Apk

With the ability to explore infinite worlds, build your dream world, and many other creative modes, it becomes the most addictive simulation game among gamers.

Below I have highlighted some amazing features of the Minecraft game that will entice you to download this beautiful mining game.

Unlimited Minecoins

Minecraft Unlimited Minecoins

The most important thing in this game are Minecoins. By using it, you can unlock all the premium data of the items that will help you throughout the game.

In the normal Minecraft person, we have to work hard in the game to mine coins. But in this Mod APK, you will get unlimited coins with which you can unlock unique maps, skins, powerful armor and weapons for free.

Only one push

Only one push

This is my favorite feature in Minecraft Mod Apk. With the help of one-hit death, you can kill all the zombies in one hit without losing health (which is the most important factor for survival in the game).

If you are already playing an unmodified version of Minecraft, then you know that we need to continually hit the zombies to kill them. But for you, we have modified this game so that you can save energy and health of your character.

Unlocked premium skins

Unlocked premium skins

Many premium skins are locked in-game, which you cannot use without purchasing them. But don’t worry, guys. In this hacked version of Minecraft, you will get all the premium skins unlocked, which you can use continuously without paying a single penny.

By continually wearing premium skins, you will be more attached to the game.

Unlocked premium textures

Premium texture unlocked

Sometimes we feel annoyed while playing in the same graphical environment, and if we want to change it, then we have to buy premium textures.

By default, there are very limited textures and graphics to use, but in this mod apk, you will get all the premium textures Jammer Craft Modern, Good Morning Craft and many others unlocked. So use them and show your creativity in the world of Minecraft.

Indestructible tools

Indestructible tools

The tools are the main part of this game that help you extract coins, build things much faster and more efficiently, and also allow you to find all the things that you cannot do with your hands.

The durability of all tools is lower in normal Minecraft. But in the modified version of the game that I shared in this post, you will get all the Unbreakable and more powerful tools.

Some more features

Below are a few more features that you might love.

  • Immortality
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Against the ban
  • Incredible user experience
  • Maximum score
  • Unlocked premium textures

How to download and install Minecraft PE Mod

Downloading any application from Thinkers it is a simple task. Anyone with a little knowledge about Android can easily download and install it on their device.

If you are new to Thinkkers and don’t know how to download, you can follow the guide below.

Step 1: First, click the “Go to download page” button above. After that, it will redirect you to Download mod for Minecraft page.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Start Download’ button. The download will start in a few seconds.

Download Minecraft PE Mod apk

Step 3: After downloading the Minecraft apk file, head over to the File Manager and open your downloaded game. If you are installing a game from File Manager for the first time, it may ask for some permissions.

  • This is an optional step and will only be requested for the first time.
  • If you didn’t see any warning like above, skip this step

Step 4: Click on ‘Settings’ to open and grant all the necessary permissions.

Step 5: After allowing all permissions, press the back button and try to install the game again. This time, it will install without any error.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition game. Otherwise, you may face installation failed error. Also, there are various other Minecraft mods available on the internet. But we have chosen the best that will make you immortal in the game.

People also ask (frequently asked questions)

Guys, I know there are many questions popping into your mind related to Minecraft Mod APK. Below, I tried to answer some of the questions that players in this game often ask. If you think I missed your question or have any queries regarding this modified version, please comment. I would love to solve all your queries. 😀

Is Minecraft PE game good for kids?

Yes, absolutely, Minecraft is one of the best games for kids. It helps to increase the creativity of the child, making him able to find new ways when he has problems. I recommend to all parents reading this article that you encourage your children to play this game in their spare time.

What will I get in this mod apk?

We unlock all the premium items that will help you grow quickly in the game. For detailed information, you can refer to the following list.

  • Premium skin and textures
  • Unlimited Mine Coins
  • No damage to the character
  • Unbreakable tools

Is it safe to use the mod version of this game?

Yes, this modified Minecraft game is 100% safe to use. Any mod app I shared on thinkkers is first tested with various types of premium antivirus. Therefore, you can play this game without compromising your privacy and security.

Will Minecraft Mod last forever?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about the duration of the game. If you face any bugs in the future, you can come to this post and update to the latest version for smooth gameplay.

Wrapping it up

So that’s it, guys. I hope you have the job Minecraft Mod Apk 2021 with unlimited Minecoins and immortality features. Now you can build your own virtual world and break billions of blocks. Also, now you don’t need to pay ₹ 479 to download the Minecraft game.

If you like this modified version of the game, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any query or question about this Minecraft PE mod apk, then how low. I would love to solve all your queries.

Download FAQ

How to download?

Wait a few seconds and the download button will appear.

Broken link?

If the file is renamed to a random string (vMGl0WjAxVTh6K2ZwWGkrY….) After downloading, you just need to rename the file as it was.

If there is a problem with the broken link, the file cannot be downloaded, please inform our webmasters. Thanks!

Why is the download speed slow?

The server we use is of a high quality dedicated type that allows the distribution of large volumes of files to all users. Therefore, we are sure that the download speed of APKMODY is not lower than that of any other storage system.

In case the download speed is slow, check your bandwidth.

The description is not correct with the downloaded file

If there is an error between the description and the downloaded file, please inform us through the contact section at the bottom of the page.

Is the file I download from Thinkker safe?

Of course, the antivirus software checks each file before uploading it to the system.

Our hosting server is also regularly checked for threats.

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