Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk v2.6.1 (Unlimited Money) Download 2021

Do you want to relive your old memories with the Pokémon Master Ex game and look for some way to get unlimited money and locked resources? If yes then Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk it is the right choice for you.

Now lead your favorite Pokémon master characters and enjoy the best experience of the battle against champions.

Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk
Name Pokémon Masters Ex
Size 84 MB
Version 2.6.1
Offered by DeNA Co., Ltd.
Price Free
Modification characteristics limited money
Updated in April 9, 2021
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Pokémon Masters Ex is the most addictive RPG in which you have to form a powerful team of your favorite characters who can perform well in 3v3 battles. In this game, there are dozens of unique features like hatching eggs, new stories, original characters, Fieldwork missions, and many others.

In Pokémon Master Ex, you have to make perfect strategies and fight to get first place in the leaderboard. Also, target your opponent’s weakness and choose the ideal time to attack him for the most serious damage. Keep improving your sync pairs to max levels that finally unlock all available special outfits along with Max’s potential of special moves.

But as we know, early in the game, we get limited gold and gems which ultimately prevent us from evolving our Pokémons and buying synced peer explorers, so the process of reaching higher levels takes a long time. However, you can buy all the resources from the in-game store by spending real money and you can earn by completing the coin super training courses.

To get rid of this problem, today I am going to share Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk 2021 with unlimited gems and money. Read on and I’ll walk you through using this modified version of the game to get the top position in the Pokémon rankings with little effort.

What is Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk

Hatch egg and team up

Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk is a modified (hacked) version of the official game Pokémon Masters Ex, developed by Dena Co. With which you can use all the modified functions such as unlimited gems, unlocked level limits, unlimited gold, maximum ability characters and many other things without spending a single penny in the play store.

All valuable in-game items such as Tech Tonic, Gym Leader’s Notes, Silver Mix, and more are available to use without in-app purchases.

  • Powerful Characters Unlocked
  • Original stories
  • Ad-free experience
  • Daily exclusive rewards
  • Unique Pokémon everywhere

Pokémon Masters Ex has a simple battle gameplay mechanism, which is easy to understand but so engaging that it keeps its emerging users in the game. There are many RPG battles with common challenges that come along on your journey that you must complete in order to quickly progress through the Master Leagues.

Upgrade Sync Pairs to 6star

The game has a robust AI system that eventually finds a perfect opponent with similar experience and character level for fair gameplay. One of the best things about this game is that it allows you to team up with your friends and other active players around the world for a perfect victory.

Features of Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk

Pokémon Master Ex has multiple capture features such as real characters with special abilities, smooth gameplay, great controls, teaming up with friends, and many other things that make it a perfect RPG.

So below, I highlighted some features of Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk. If you are new to Thinkkers and still confused about downloading this modified version, the following feature will definitely help you make up your mind.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency of Pokémon Masters Ex, with the help of which we can buy Sync Pair Scouts that eventually allows us to recruit more than one character in battles.

Fortunately, there are various methods like a daily bonus, completing story missions, syncing peer stories, and more available to earn gems without spending a single penny. In addition, you have the option to buy directly from the game store for real money.

Mod unlimited money

Unlimited Coins (in-game currency) is an outstanding feature of Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk, with which we can use all the elements of the game unlimited times for free.

Also, you don’t need to waste time completing missions, especially to collect coins.

Premium Items Unlocked

If you are playing this game for a while then you know that there are various items like Buff Blendes, Aide Ade, Tech Tonic and many other things locked at the beginning of the game, and we must use them to unlock the level caps. .

But in the modified Pokémon Masters Ex Apk, all items have been unlocked and can be used at any time without restrictions.

Original Pokémon Stories

The game has completely original stories that will help you experience the real world of a Pokémon master right on your smartphone. Also, each character looks realistic, which enhances our gaming feel.

Smooth game controls

Pokémon Masters Ex offers smooth touch controls that eventually give us more natural controls over the game. So that we can do our best while playing the intense battles against powerful opponents.

Some more features

Below are a few more features that you might love.

  • New stories with favorite characters
  • Awesome outfits
  • 3 vs 3 battles
  • No human verification required

How to download and install Pokemon Masters Mod Apk on Android

Downloading any modified adventure game from Thinkers it is a simple task. Anyone with a little knowledge about Android can easily download and install it on their device without spending a single penny.

If you are new to Thinkkers and don’t know how to download free mod games, you can follow the guide below. I am writing this guide from a beginner’s perspective so that anyone can easily understand it.

Step 1: First, click the “Go to download page” button above. After that, you will be redirected to the download page for Pokémon Masters Ex.

Step 2: Now, get your game by clicking the “Start Download” button. The download will start in a few seconds.

Battle against champions

Step 3: After downloading the game, head over to the File Manager and open your downloaded Pokemon Masters Ex apk file. If you are installing an application from File Manager for the first time, it may ask you for some permissions.

Step 4: Allow all necessary permissions by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 5: After allowing the permissions, hit the back button and try to install the apk file again. This time, it will install without any error.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed version of the Pokemon Masters Ex game before installing this modified version. Otherwise, you may face installation failed error.

People also ask (frequently asked questions)

Guys, I know there are dozens of mind-pounding questions related to this excellent RPG. So, below, I have answered all the frequently asked questions associated with Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk.

If you think I didn’t answer any helpful questions, you can comment. I would love to answer your questions.

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

At Thinkkers, each 3-layer mod apk test with premium antivirus and security experts guarantees to offer 100% safe apps and games. So don’t worry about your privacy and security while using the modified version of Pokémon Masters Ex.

What are the most powerful characters in Pokémon Masters Ex?

There are many powerful characters available in this game, and some of the pairs are listed below.

  • Karen and Mega Houndoom
  • Noland and Mega Pinsir
  • Olivia and Lycanroc
  • Blue and Mega Pidgeot
  • Brendan and Treeko

Can bluestacks run Pokémon Masters?

Yes, you can easily run Pokémon Masters on your PC with the help of the powerful Android BlueStacks emulator for all users.

What will I get in this mod apk?

We unlocked all elements of the game and premium characters for better gameplay.

For detailed information, you can refer to the following list.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Smooth controls
  • Unlimited gold
  • Level Caps Unlocked

Wrapping it up

Without a doubt, Pokémon Masters Ex is a great time killer that packs tons of unique features that ultimately allow us to feel like a true Pokémon master. The game’s developers regularly update new stories to ensure high user satisfaction, making it viral all over the world.

I’m sure; you’ve seen Pokémon – you have to catch them all! television series, where a boy begins his journey to become a Pokémon Master. If you also want to live those adventures, Pokémon Masters Ex would be the best option for you.

If you like this modified version of the application, do not forget to share it with your friends who love Pokémon. Also, if you have any problem with this Pokémon Masters Ex Mod Apk, or if some mod function doesn’t work for you, then please comment. I would love to solve all your queries.

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