Top 5 Video Editing Application For Android In 2021 [April Updated]

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Top 5 Video Editing Application For Android In 2021 [April Updated]

More than recording videos, the part that worries us the most is editing. In fact, it is quite troublesome to create an end result that can make everyone happy.

You need to transfer the file to PC, download full editing software, and then run the editing steps. Fortunately, the developers have come up with the best video editing app that hardly takes patience or investment of time.

The out-of-the-box video editing options will make it very nice to customize videos according to your sweet will.

List of the 5 best video editing apps for Android

video editing app for android

I list these video editors based on interface, user experience, price, and public review. Of course, there are hundreds of video editing applications available on the Internet, but I had chosen the most beneficial application.

As promised, I will keep updating this list so you can choose the best one at any time.

KineMaster – Mobile Video Editor

Kinemaster video editor

Since most video editing applications are reserved for PCs, there is a high demand for something that can help smartphone users. As a result, the developers proposed Kinemaster which is loaded with numerous features like audio mixing, comma blending modes, and Chroma Keying.

The all-in-one video editing app comes free and with a subscription price. You can enjoy some of the most exemplary features by making a small payment of $ 4.99 for one month that will unlock all the premium features of kinemaster.

Kinemaster is not among those useless editing apps that are heavy to load on the mobile phone but have limited editing features. Rather, it is a very complete application that consists of an attractive and complete user interface. you don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out how things work. There are options for color and lighting adjustments so you can adopt professional color grading in your videos.

Combination and chroma key are not unique to the Kinemaster. There is also an option for title graphics that helps you add text to the videos you are editing. In addition, there are options for transitions and audio effects.

Download Kinemaster Video Editor

Inshot video editor

Inshot video editor

The All-in-One video editing app has so many features and effects that you would never feel like switching to any other option. You can opt for the premium subscription option to avoid any kind of advertising and watermarks.

Tea Inshot The application is a perfect option for photo and video editing on Android and IOS operating systems.

It has a rich interface that comes with various enhancement options. You will easily know what to do to get the best effects. You can invest absolutely nothing or just a little bit to access the app’s The Spectacular features.

Now click on new images and edit them right away with the app’s image editing features.

Alternatively, you can import a video and convert it the way you want with cropping and different color effects. The type of soundtrack you choose and the trimming options you select are entirely dependent on your choice. there is an edit slider that allows you to rearrange videos very conveniently.

Download Inshot Video Editor



There are so many video editing apps that appeared and disappeared, but FilmoraGo never lost its charm. Almost everyone likes to use FilmoraGo’s great features for a great video editing experience.

It has powerful features and an affordable price range that makes it one of the best video editing apps for mobile phones. It also comes with social media integration options that most photographers have come to expect.

You can easily share videos and use the app on a daily basis. Every time there will be a pleasant experience thanks to the all-in-one mobile editing application FilmoraGo.

FilmoraGo was previously only available for Mac and Windows PC. Over time, it became available to mobile phone owners with amazing editing effects.

There is a combination of functions that are very convenient to understand and the program has been created in a way that suits everyone’s requirements. At some random points, you might experience some issues and delays, but then there is nothing to worry about.

The FilmoraGo program is completely safe to use and is free from any type of virus attack. The software isn’t completely free, but it does have a certain number of features that don’t require you to pay any fees.

Ease of use and extreme simplicity have made FilmoraGo a favorite with many. It is very easy to select the videos to add, as well as the images that need modification.

You can quickly change and trim things according to your needs. Composing and customizing items related to the video editing app is also not a cause for concern.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

People who are not completely sure about recording videos and clicking images should opt for the Adobe Premiere Rush software.

It will give you a wonderful video editing experience with the toolkit available for beginners. Whenever you need to increase the quality of the created videos and also add some extra features, Adobe Photo Rush is the option that works on both computers and tablets.

It is a very convenient and feature-rich mobile app that automatically syncs with your mobile phone.

You can edit like a pro without having any skills at all. In addition, there are comprehensive options for sharing videos online in social media groups and with your friends.

In fact, if you need a high-profile video editing application for wedding videos, Adobe Photo Rush may be your choice.

ActionDirector video editor

ActionDirector video editor

Action Director Video Editor It is the last, but not least, that we have in the list of the best video editing apps for Android. The amazing app helps you edit videos of any length while adding music and text to them.

You can even apply slow motion effects and improve the quality without any problem.

The developers have linked the app with the Google Play Store so you don’t have to search the internet long to download it.

The results of video editing are always excellent when you use the correct software. A video editing app like ActionDirector isn’t surprisingly popular, but it does produce satisfying editing results every time.

Additionally, there are minimal subscription charges to be paid for those exemplary, app-owned professional editing features.

Benefits of using video editing apps on Android

Now, you may be wondering why I suggest an Android video editing app instead of its desktop version. So below, I highlighted some of the benefits of using a video editor on Android.

Maybe there are thousands of advantages and disadvantages to using Android apps, but below I have mentioned some basic benefits that anyone can get. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional. 🙂

Without complications

The most important feature of the video editing app mentioned below is the convenience of using it. No need to have a separate PC and special video editing skills. Easy-to-use apps will help you create flawless videos that look professional.

Super fast interface

Video editing apps for Android work extremely fast and do not lead to lag. You can choose any of the editing options to modify the videos of your choice.

High quality editing

Video editing applications can even induce resolution of short videos. It is absolutely possible to convert a normal video to HD with the help of the best applications loaded on your smartphone.

Wrapping it up

So this was all we had for him best video editing apps for Android. All of them are flooded with the latest features and have a very user-friendly way of working.

Each of them would help you create those professional editing effects without investing much effort.

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